Australian Employer Nomination Scheme

The Australian Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) grants permanent residence to overseas workers who are sponsored by their Australian employer. The Employer Nomination Scheme is specifically designed to enhance Australia's ability to compete globally while satisfying genuine shortages in the Australian skilled labour market.

Employers seeking to sponsor or employ overseas workers can sign up for Australian Corporate Immigration Services.

Australian Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Basic Requirements

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) allows overseas workers or temporary workers in Australia to be sponsored for permanent positions that the employer has been unable to fill from within the Australian labour market or through their own training efforts.

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa application process is made up of two important stages:

1. Nomination by the employer

The Australian employer must obtain sponsorship status. To obtain sponsorship, the employer must:

  • demonstrate that they are actively and lawfully operating in Australia

  • have a commitment to training existing employees

  • Once the employer has demonstrated they satisfy the sponsorship criteria, the position to be filled (or nominated) must also meet certain requirements. For example, the position must be full time for at least 3 years and be on the gazetted list of approved occupations for this category.

    2. Visa application

    Once the nomination has been approved, the visa application must be lodged within six (6) months. The visa application must be lodged at the same Business Centre of DIAC as the corresponding nomination, even if the nominee is outside Australia. Applicants are also required to satisfy certain health and character requirements in order to meet the visa criteria.

    Australian Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Entitlements

    Successful visa applicants under the Employer Nomination Scheme become permanent residents of Australia. Australian permanent residents are entitled to live, work and study in Australia on a permanent basis. Additional benefits of Australian permanent residence include access to government-subsidised healthcare (Medicare), certain social security benefits and the ability to apply for Australian citizenship.

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